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While I love luxury fashion as much as the next girl and let me assure you could give any Influencer a run for their money in terms of coveting the next It Bag or Shoe, I also don’t live in a bubble. By day I work 'in Fashion', by night I blog and hustle in my little beauty business as well as mothering my gorgeous teenage son and partnering my beautiful BFF, Tim…life’s busy and fun and some weeks I wing it one day at a time…just like you!
The Beauty Method is a platform for sharing my objects of affection which sometimes will require a little saving as well as showing you how to do luxe for less across fashion, home and decor, entertaining and beauty.  
At the heart The Beauty Method is a Lifestyle Guide and at its core is the belief that women can live beautifully without breaking the bank.
Contact me anytime at renee@thebeautymethod.com.au 
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